Buddhist Trail - Monasteries, Temples & Meditation Caves

We are excited to offer an introduction to Tibetan Buddhism in a way which is unfortunately impossible in China occupied Tibet. Our tour takes you to visit the 5 major monasteries of Spiti Valley and provides an introduction to the ancient sects of Tibetan Buddhism many of which survive today only in Spiti.

With a monk guide throughout, you will learn the full story behind the Thankga murals and monastery histories. Enjoy the mystical wonder of the inner sanctums of these thousand year old monasteries and speak with the local monks and lamas. This tour could only be possible with the support of the local communities and we are priviliged to have in Lara Tsering a respected community leader with excellent standing among the spiritual leaders of the valley.


Daily Itinerary


Day 1 Kaza - Ki

First visit of the day will be the famous Ki Monastry. Located at 4120m, 14km from Kaza on the Kaza to Kibber Road, the car will stop at the base of the monastery hill for the ultimate photo opportunity of this remarkable structure. Visitors will be able to trek around the monastry and admire the excellent collections of ancient paintings and scriptures contained in the large monastic complex. Occupying nearly all sides of the hill, Ki Monastry belongs Gelugpa Sect of Tibetan Buddhism and is a striking example of monastic tibetan architecture.

Day 2 Kaza - Komic

The village of Komic shares its name with the ancient monastery of the Sakyapa Sect. Wildlife is abundant in the area and the villagers will tell you the story of a few years ago, when a snow leopard entered the village and after gorging on lamb blood fell asleep in the sheep pen to be discovered in the morning by a shocked farmer. Today, the body of this unfortunate leopard is stuffed and hangs from the ceiling of the monastery.

Day 3 Kaza - Dhankar

Located a 3 hour drive from Kaza, Dhankar is the ancient capital of Spiti and seat of the Spitian Kings and is home to their ruined castle as well as a splendid 16th Century Monastery. Situated mid way between Kaza and Tabo it’s slightly off the route,  on top of a steep sided mountain ridge jutting out over the valley.  In honor of the visit by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in August 2009, Dhankar monastery was given a complete refurbishment and new structures were added to the compound.  The views from the monastery of the surrounding mountainscape and Dhankar Fortress ruins hanging over the valley is spectacular. 

Day 4 Kaza - Tabo

The famous Tabo Monastry is more  than  1010 years old  and home to many precious Thanka paintings, including the Pillar of a Thousand Buddhas. The entry to the monastery complex, covering in total 6300 square meters, is made of earthenwalls with marvelous colourful frescoes  inside. The ancient paintings depict the life cycle of The Buddha, and legends from the Jataka Tales and were made in the Tibetan style by  artists from Kashmir. Tabo monastery  is listed by  UNESCO  as a World Heritage Site. It is Also called the Ajanta of the Himalayas.

Day 5 Tabo - Kungri - Kaza

After breakfast we drive to Pin Valley stopping en route to visit the Kungri Monastery, the chief monastery of the Pin Valley founded by Guru Padmasambhava, it is one of the oldest monasteries in the entire Spiti Area. The monastery is situated on the side of the Pin Valley about 20km from the Kaza road and 4km from Sagnam the principal village of the Pin area and belongs to the Nyingmapa Sect.

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