overview of physical requirements

We have categorized our tour packages according to the experience levels of the participants, although it is important to note that for all visitors to Spiti, a certain amount of physical fitness is suggested. The mountainous Spiti Valley is a high altitude desert and has a complex environment which requires preparation by the traveler. The valley floor lies 10,000ft above sea level and the slopes and peaks can tower up to 20,000ft. At sea level, oxygen blood saturation level is 95% at 10,000ft that drops to 90%, meaning breathing becomes more difficult and headaches may arise without acclimatization.

Our staff and guides do their best to ensure that adequate time is given to acclimatize to the altitude and prevent altitude sickness, however each individual has a different rate of naturalization and some people may experience a slight 'hangover' sensation longer than others and it may be advisable to bring a few extra painkillers, drink water and do not over-exert yourself on the first days of your stay. Diamox or acetazolamide is often prescribed for altitude sickness but it is best to consult your physician to ensure correct use and dosage. Kaza has a hospital, which is equipped to deal with altitude sickness.

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suitable for all ages and physical levels. please bear in mind that the Spiti Valley area is mountainous and at high altitude.
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moderate physical condition required
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high level of physical condition, some mountaineering experience
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conditioned for longer treks and difficult terrain
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