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Lara TseringLara Tsering, the local social entrepreneur operating the tours promoted on this website, has been running hiking and walking tours and homestay cultural immersion programs for over twenty years.

Unlike other 'homestay' tours operated by big multinational tour operators, Lara is a respected local leader and his excellent contacts in the community create an extended family atmosphere and the associated security that comes in such a close knit community.

Lara can be contacted at:

Spiti Valley Tours

Main Bazar, New Kaza

Distt.Lahul & Spiti

Himachal Pradesh INDIA 172114

Phone numbers:

+91 94185 37689

+91 19062 00366


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Lara Tsering has been formally trained in Sustainable Tourism by the Pragya Foundation, a prominent Himalayan NGO. In addition to his role as leading tour operator in the region, Lara volunteers his time at a the local community centre teaching local youths about Sustainable Tourism. He feels strongly that through education, the ancient cultural traditions and pristine environment which attract the tourists may be preserved.

Tourism has a hugely trans-formative effect on the ancient cultures and delicate mountain ecosystems and simultaneously offers the best chance for economic development, and the largest threat to cultural and environmental conservation. Lara is the regional partner with the Pragya Foundation, working to ensure a sustainable approach to tourism, respecting and valuing local traditions and educating communities about environmental awareness.

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Learn more about the geography of Spiti Valley, its centuries of tradition and Buddhist heritage. This section includes information about how to get there, what to bring, and what to expect.

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